Dear Sponsor,

Meet team Crabotix! Crabotix is an FTC Robotics team (FIRST Technical Challenge). The members of the team are Gwen, Lucas, Maya, Noah, and Olivia. We’ve been a team for 5 years now and have all done 3 years together in FLL (FIRST LEGO League) and 2 years (including this one) of FTC (FIRST Technical Challenge). In our last year of FLL, we won the Core Values (best teamwork) award and we qualified for the state competition where only 9% of teams qualify. We learned so much about FTC in our first year and plan to continue to learn more this year.

So far we have been on our way to a successful season this year! In previous years, we have helped other FLL teams and and have worked at several FIRST robotics programs. Robotics is a lot of fun for us, plus it teaches us a lot. Although, the equipment we need is expensive and we don’t always have enough money in our budget for those pieces. We were wondering if you wanted to sponsor our team this season. It would help us to be able to purchase more parts and continue participating in FTC competitions. It also may help us to advance to the state competition would be a big accomplishment for us. If you don’t want to sponsor us, we understand.

Thank you for considering sponsoring our team!


Crabotix FTC Team 16540

Current Sponsors:

Freedom Area Recreational Council

Kalhert Foundation


Trembling Giant

Arium AE