Our History

We are FTC (FIRST Technical Challenge) robotics team 16540, the Crabotix! We chose our name, because we are from Maryland, which is known for our blue crabs! It also is just a cool mascot. We combined the crab idea with the word “robotics” since that is what we’re doing! The members of our team are Gwen, Lucas, Maya, Noah and Olivia. Lucas, Maya, Noah and Olivia go to Liberty High School and are in 9th grade, while Gwen is an 8th grader at Oklahoma Road Middle School. All 5 of us have been on FLL (FIRST LEGO League) teams from 2016 to 2019. For our last year of FLL, we were able to make it to the states competition as well as win the Core Values award at our qualifier tournament! Last year’s FTC challenge was our first year, so we were very new to all things FTC! For the FTC Ultimate Goal challenge this year, we hope to improve our knowledge on FTC building and programming from last year and look forward to competing whether we have to virtually or not!