Born on 3-17-07 in Boston, Massachusetts. She is currently in 8th grade, and has been on this robotics team for 4 years, excluding this year. She was also a part of the school's robotics team for 5 years, even thought she was only on the team for one year, after which she joined Crabotix, known then as The Dragonal Robo-Constructors. She enjoys many things, ranging from sports to music to academics to of course, robotics. For sports, she plays rugby and field hockey; she plays goalie for field hockey and in a variety of positions for rugby. When she listens to music, she commonly listens to the rock or metal genres, her favorite band being Audioslave. She enjoys a variety of academics, including math, science, history, writing, and the arts. She is one of the brightest kids in her class, and keeps up good grades in all of her classes. On the robotics front, she usually spends her time doing programming and problem solving. She is also one of the main drivers.